Book A Private Room! Call 512.453.6796 to reserve your room today!

*Please note that reservations must be made over the phone or in person. They cannot be made via email or the online contact form.

Small Room - Fits up to 10 people

Our small rooms fit up to 10 people, have 2 mics each, 1 55"+ Lyrics screen, one small screen, and a touch screen karaoke system! All rooms also have a direct TV box if you want to have the game on a screen, or anything else you may want to watch while singing your heart out.

Large Room - Fits up to 30 people

Our large room features 4 microphone, 3 55" big screen TVs, and a touch screen karaoke system! This room is perfect for a big party. Every room has its own Direct TV box as well, so one or all of the TVs can be set to the big game, or anything you'd like to watch.

Please note that cancellaton of a reservation for all small rooms requires 24 hours advance notice. For the Large room, 1 week (7days) notice is required to cancel a reservation made for a Friday or Saturday, and 24 hours notice is required for other days of the week. If you must cancel after the cancelation deadline, you will forfeit your deposit for the room.


Also note that all rooms are free on weekdays before 7pm on a first come, first serve basis. If you'd like to reserve a room during our free hours, a credit card is required to hold the room. We ask that if you must cancel your reservation during our free hours to give us a courtesy call so we can remove your reservation. No call/no shows will be charged the full price of the room.