covid-19 guidelines

what we ask of our customers


  • To view our song library, download our FREE SONGBOOKS ONLINE app. Once logged in, our Show ID is CI2019.

  • To submit a song request, TEXT (512)596-0416. Remember to include your name!

  • Please stand in the designated area on the stage to ensure as much space in between the singer and the on lookers as possible.

  • We will recommend not touching the microphone or mic stand, although it is not a requirement.

  • Please do not stand near or “loiter” near the DJ booth and cubby hole.

  • We will ask that no customer enter a private karaoke room without being escorted into it by a staff member.


  • We will only take orders at the bar from the customers who are seated there. If you sit at a table, we ask that you please continue to order from your waitress. 

  • Please stay seated as much as possible, and to make any orders or requests through a staff member who comes to you.




  • Maintain 6ft social distancing.

  • All employees will be screened upon entering the bar for their shift. Documentation will be signed and saved.

  • Employees will be washing hands and using hand sanitizer as often as possible.

  • A temperature check is required upon entry for all staff and customers.


  • Scannable menus will be available for customers use. 

  • We will offer contactless ordering for our customers in private rooms.

  • We will provide our complimentary popcorn pre-bagged and will bring it to the customer at their table.

  • We will continue to enforce our (pre COVID-19) two item minimum per customer rule.


  • All tables and chairs will be wiped down after each use and high traffic areas.

  • There are 7 sanitation stations. Each station will have hand sanitizer, paper towels, disinfectant spray, and a box of gloves.

  • The entire bar will be sprayed with a CDC recommended sanitation spray every night.

  • Bathrooms will be checked and regularly sanitized each night and a log will be kept noting the time of most recent walk through and initialed by the employee.


  • Announcements will be made throughout the night to remind and inform customers to please practice safe social distance and to use our sanitation stations frequently.


  • Microphone covers will be used for each performer.

  • Microphone covers will be available for use in each of our private karaoke rooms.

  • Each small private karaoke room will not be permitted more than 10 people at a time.

  • The large karaoke room will not be permitted more than 10 people at a time.

Whew! Yes's A LOT.

If you have any questions please, don't hesitate to contact us

Remember to follow social distancing and be respectful to each other.